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Bamboo is known in traditional medicine techniques for its many values and even thought to have magical properties, especially in its homeland of China. Bamboo is a grass, and also the fastest growing plant in the world, growing as much as two inches every hour! The plant is known in China as “Zhu,” and the hard stems are the culms (or canes). Culms have been used for centuries to build furniture and housing, flooring and fence posts and even cut and played as a flute. China and India are the world’s greatest producers of bamboo, but the highly adaptive plant can grow in many parts of the world.

Bamboo leaves and young shoots have been dried and used as medicine, eaten in foods, or otherwise digested to treat fevers, upset stomachs, phlegm or inflammation. In addition to medicinal uses, you can find young bamboo, bamboo leaves or shaved bamboo in many traditional foods throughout Southeast Asia and East Asian countries. In Chinese medicine bamboo is even used to treat aging, improving mental clarity in older age and perhaps reducing wrinkles. Bamboo is thought to represent health, youth, strength, and also prosperity and peace. Perhaps it will help restore those qualities that you may desire as you unwind with a warm bamboo massage.

How Bamboo Massage Therapy Works?

Also known as warm bamboo massage, Hot Bamboo or Bamboo-fusion, bamboo massage therapy involves the use of various rolls of heated bamboo material. These smooth rolls can come in a few different sizes, and which are used will depend on the specific needs of the patient. In many cases, lotion or oil will be used to make the bamboo rolling as comfortable as possible.

During the massage itself, these heated bamboo rolls take the place of the hands and fingers of the massage therapist. They allow the therapist to knead deeper into the skin in firmer and higher-pressure ways, often those they would not be able to accomplish with just their hands. In many ways, bamboo massage therapy is similar to hot stone therapy you may have heard of – only bamboo holds its heat longer than stones do, plus is easier to clean and sanitize.

Fusion Techniques

Stone therapy isn’t the only technique that bamboo massage therapy is somewhat similar to. In fact, it’s really a fusion of other kinds of therapeutic massage, including both deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. However, it uses firmer and more extensive techniques to get at knots in the muscles and other forms of tension in the body, often helping relieve stubborn aches and pains that would not go away otherwise.

Those Who Benefit From Bamboo Massage Therapy?

There are a wide variety of individuals who might benefit from bamboo massage therapy, including the following:

  • Those with mobility or pain issues looking for relief
  • Individuals whose bodies struggle to absorb minerals like calcium, potassium or magnesium for skin health
  • Those who require antioxidants and anti-irritant solutions for psoriasis or eczema
  • Anyone with sleep quality or mind clarity issues
  • Those with lymphatic drainage concerns
  • Individuals suffering from depression or anxiety potentially related to the body’s release of endorphins, which can be stimulated by bamboo massage therapy