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COVID-19 Protocol 

JULY 16, 2020

Now that we are on phase two and back in business - a few things have changed. Here is what I am doing to ensure the health, wellness and safety for you and myself.  I want your massage experience to remain stress free.

A COVID-19 screening will be send prior to each appointment via email. I will be checking temperature when you arrive to your appointment with a touch-less thermometer. Mask must be worn upon arrival and departure of scheduled appointment . The mask does not have to be worn while facing down (Prone) on the massage table. Disposable face cradle covers are placed in such a way that is comfortable and breathable. When facing up I can provide you a disposable mask or can hand you back your mask (upon request). During the massage I do not use glove but I have them if requested to use them.  As always, the room is wiped down, disinfected, table coverings & scrub top changed between each client. An air purifier has also been added to the room as well.  

Please Review the CDC Guidelines, Facts and Updates.  For questions & comments please do not hesitate to contact me.